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Click here of a list of Safeway liquor store locations in Alberta

Agropur - Division Natrel
Alaskan Classics Assorted Ice Cream
Coast To Coast Breads (Assorted)
Eating Right Breads
Eating Right Frt/veg Juices
Eating Right Probiotic Yogourts
Gouda Cheese-peppercorn Deli Counter
Ground Beef
Lc - Deli Counter Cheeseburger
Lucerne Ice Cream (Various Flavors)
Lucerne Milk
Lucerne Sour Cream
Lucerne Whipping Cream
Lucerne Yogurt Various Flavors
Nature's Blend Breads
O Organic Various Spices
O Organics Breads
Open Nature Assorted Ice Cream
Open Nature Assorted Juices
Ovenjoy Breads
Pantry Essentials Vegetables
S Select Sherbet Key Lime
Safeway Allspice Assorted
Safeway Breads
Safeway Juices (Assorted)
Safeway Rice (Assorted)
Safeway Select Ice Cream (Assorted)
Safeway Spices (Various)
Safeway Vegetables (Various)
Select Ice Cream (Assorted)
Value Red Apple Juice From Concentrate

Alberta Cheese Company
Franco's Part Skim Mozzarella

Aliya's Foods Limited
Sc Butter Chicken With Basmati Rice
Signature Cafe Chicken Tandoori Masala

All Seasons Mushrooms
Jumbo White Mushrooms

Baker Boys (a Division of Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited)
Baker Boys Cinnamon Mini Twists

Bassano Farms Ltd.
Russet Potato
Yellow Fleshed Potatoes Bulk
Yellow Fleshed Potatoes

Beemaid Honey Ltd.
Beemaid 112g Li'l Honeys Portion Packs
Beemaid 250g Premium Clover Liquid
Beemaid 500g Liquid
Beemaid 500g Liquid, Unpasteurized
Beemaid 500g Squeeze Creamed
Beemaid 500g Premium Clover Liquid
Beemaid 500g Premium Clover Creamed
Beemaid 1kg Liquid

Big Rock Brewery Income Trust
Big Rock Alberta Gen Draft
Big Rock Black Amber Ale
Big Rock Gopher Lager
Big Rock Grasshopper
Big Rock Honey Brown
Big Rock India Pale Ale
Big Rock Jack Rabbit
Big Rock Lime
Big Rock Mcnally's Bottles
Big Rock Rye And Ginger
Big Rock Summer Variety Cans
Big Rock Traditional Ale
Big Rock Warthog
Bow Valley Beer
Scottish Heavy Ale

The Black Velvet Distilling Company
Black Velvet Rye Whiskey
Danfield's Rye Whiskey
Golden Wedding Rye Whisky
London Dry Gin
O.f.c (Old Fine Canadian) Rye Whiskey
Silver Wedding Vodka

Bunge Canada
Safeway Canola Oil
Safeway Canola Oil
Safeway 100% Pure Canola Oil
Safeway Pure Canola Oil
Safeway Corn Oil
Safeway Sunflower Oil

Burnbrae Farms Limited
Burnbraefree Run Omega 3 Brown
Eating Rightomega 3
Egg Creationscheese & Chives
Egg Creationsfrench Toast Cinnamon
Egg Creationsgarden Vegetable
Egg Creationsoriginal
Lucerne Eggs Various Sizes
Naturegg Free Run Simply Egg Whites
Naturegg Omega 3 Brown
Naturegg Omega 3 Large
Naturegg Omega Pro Shell
Naturegg Simply Egg Whites
Natureggbreak Free
Natureggfree Run Large 6 Pk
Natureggnature's Best
Natureggomega Pro Liquid
Natureggsimply Egg Whites
Safeway Organic Medium
Safeway Select Organic Large
Snowhite Eggs Grade 'a' Large
Egg White Patties
Plain Egg Patties
Omega 3 Snack Packs
Omega 3 Pickled Eggs

Byblos Bakery
Byblos Bakery Multigrain Pitas
Byblos Party 3 Inch White Pita Bread
Byblos Pita White Bread 7 Inch
Byblos Pita Whole Wheat Bread 7 Inch
Byblos Tandoori Naan
Byblos Party 3 Inch W.w. Pita Bread
Byblos Namoura With Pistachios
Byblos Date Mamoul
Byblos Pistachio Mamoul
Byblos Honey Rolls
Byblos Bread Sticks
Byblos Mediterranean Herb Pita Chips
Byblos Sea Salt Pita Chips
Byblos Namoura With Pistachios
Byblos Date Mamoul
Byblos Pistachio Mamoul

CadCan Marketing & Sales Inc.
Cheecha Puffs Sweet Cinnamon
Cheecha Puffs Gluten Free Sea Salt & Spiced Pepper
Cheecha Puffs Triple Cheese
Cheecha Puffs Gluten Free Original
Cheecha Puffs Gluten Free Sea Salt & Vinegar
Cheecha Puffs Mesquite Bbq
Cheecha Puffs Dill Pickle

Calgary Italian Bakery Ltd.
Bakery Counter Gourmet Crust Pizza Shells
Eating Right 100% W.wheat English Muffi
Nature Blend English Muffins Plain
Nature Blend English Muffins Extra Cris
Nature Blend English Muffins Cheese
Nature Blend English Muffins Sourdough
Nature Blend English Muffins 100% Ww
Nature Blend English Muffins Raisin

Capital Packers Inc.
Capital Packers Salt Pork Cured

Cavendish Farms Corp.
Safeway St Cut French Fries
Safeway Shoestring
Safeway Crinkle Cut
Safeway Steak Cut
Safeway Hb Patty
Safeway Tater Treats
Safeway Tater Treats
Safeway Hashbrowns
Safeway Hashbrowns
Safeway Hashbrown Patty
Safeway Shred Hashbrown

Cott Beverages Canada - A division of Cott Corporation
Safeway Select Clear Diet Apple Pear
Safeway Select Clear Diet Straw
Safeway Select Clear Diet Peach Mango
Safeway Select Clear Diet Wild Cherry
Safeway Select Clear Diet Grpfrt/tanger
Safeway Select Clear Diet Tangerine/lime
Safeway Select Clear Diet Key Lime
Safeway Refreshe Carbspring Water Natural
Safeway Refreshe Carbspring Water Lemon
Safeway Refreshe Spring Water Carbonated
Safeway Refreshe Spring Water Lemon Lime
Safeway Refreshe Tea

Crust Craft Inc.
Deli 7 Inch Pizza Crust

Edmonton Potato Growers (1971) Ltd.
Russet Potato
Yellow Fleshed Potatoes
Yellow Fleshed Potatoes Bulk
Red Potatoes

El Molino Foods of Canada
Organic Blue Chips
Organic Red Chips
No Salt Yellow Round Chips
Salted Yellow Round Chips
Multigrain Chips
Dc Antipasto
Dc Bruschetta
Salsa Various Flavors
Safeway Bite Size Chips
Safeway Multigrain
Safeway White Triangle Chips
Safeway Yellow Round Chips
Safeway Yellow Round Chips
Safeway White Triangle Chips
Safeway Bite Size Chips

Foothills Creamery Ltd.
Foothills Regular Butter
Foothills Whipped Butter
Foothills Garlic Butter
Foothills Blend Marg/butter

Harlan Bakeries - Edmonton, L.P.
Safeway Tart Shells 3"
Safeway Mini Tart Shells 2"
Safeway Pie Shells Regular 9"
Safeway Pie Shells Deep Dish 9"

Heritage Frozen Foods Ltd.
Cheemo Potato & Cheddar Perogies
Cheemo Potato & Cheddar Perogies Bite Size
Cheemo Bacon & Romano Perogies
Cheemo Three Cheese Perogies
Cheemo Sour Cream & Chive Perogies
Cheemo Whole Wheat Three Cheese
Cheemo Cottage Cheese Perogies
Cheemo Country Mushroom Perogies
Cheemo Roasted Garlic Perogies
Cheemo Potato & Cheddar Perogies
Cheemo Variety Pack Perogies

Highwood Crossing Foods Ltd.
Highwood Sun/flax Granola
Highwood Power Grains Hot/cereal
Highwood Old Fashioned Organic Rolled Oats
Highwood Steel Cut Oats
Highwood Flax Muffin & Pancake Mix
Highwood Stn/grnd Whole Wheat Flour
Highwood Stn/grnd Pastry Flour

Highwood Distillers Ltd.
Centennial 10 Year Old
Century Reserve Lot 15/25
Colita Coffee Liqueur
Highwood Black Russian Pre-mix
Highwood Rye Whisky
Highwood Vodka
Highwood White Rum
Maple Whisky Maple Leaf
Midnight Blue Sambuca
Pearl Ultra Premium Vodka
Potter's Dark Rum
Potter's Premium Vodka
Potter's Special Old Rye Whisky
Potter's White Rum
White Owl Whisky
White Owl Whisky Spiced

Inovata Foods
Safeway Select Meat Lasagna 2.27kg
Safeway Select Cheese Canneloni
Open Natute Meat Lasagna
Safeway Select Meat Lasagna 1.14kg
Safeway Select 6-vegetable Lasagna
Safeway Select Meat Lasagna 21 Oz
Sig Café Meat Lasagna
Sig Café Uk Dinner
Sig Café Garlic Shrimp Linguini
Sig Café Meatballs & Tomato Sauce

JBS Food Canada ULC
Open Nature Angus Beef - Various Cuts
Lakeside/cargil - Various Beef Cuts

Kinnikinnick Foods Inc.
Kinnikinnick Graham Style Crkr Crumbs
Kinnikinnick Bread Crumbs Panko Style
Kinnikinnick Personal Pizza Crust
Kinnikinnick Tapioca Rice Ital Bread
Kinnikinnick White Sandwich Bread
Kinnikinnick Soft Hamburger Buns Gf
Kinnikinnick Soft Hotdog Buns Gf
Kinnikinnick Soft White Bread
Kinnikinnick Soft Multigrain Bread
Kinnikinnick Tapioca Rice Bread
Kinnikinnick Sunflwr Flax Rice Bread
Kinnikinnick Robin Hny Brown Rice Brd
Kinnikinnick Tapioca Rice Eng Muffin
Kinnikinnick S'moreables Graham Crkr
Kinnikinnick Chocolate Dip Donuts
Kinnikinnick Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

The Little Potato Company
Gourmet Yellow Potato
Gourmet Red Potato
Mxed Creamer Potatoes
Organic Gourmet Red Potatoes
Organic Gourmet Yellow Potatoes
Potato Jazz Garlic & Parsley
Potato Jazz Savoury Herb
Potato Jazz Zesty Italian

Mountain Meadows Food Processing (2004) Ltd.
Nonuts Golden Peabutter

Mountain Top Foods
Gms Fully Cooked Dry Pork Rib - Bone In
Gms Fully Cooked Ginger Chicken
Gms Fully Cooked Thai Sweet Chili Chicken
Gms Fully Cooked Tempura Chicken W/pineapple /lemon Sauce
Gms Fully Cooked Tempura Chicken W/orange Ginger Sauce

Old Dutch Foods Limited
Od Original
Od Salt'n Vinegar
Od Ketchup
Od Onion 'n Garlic
Od Bbq
Od Sour Cream N'onion
Od Dill Pickle
Od Cheddar & Sour Cream
Od All Dressed
Od Rip-l Chips Various Flavors
Safeway Potato Chips Various Flavors

Olivier's Candies / The Candy Tree
Olivier's Fine Swiss Chocolate Asst
Olivier's Speckled Jelly Eggs - 150g
Olivier's Coconut Brittle
Olivier's Spring Chocolate Shapes - 150
Olivier's Easter Bagged Assortment Case
Olivier's Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Oliviers Choc Caramel Dipped Pretzel Ro
Olivier's White Vanilla Almond Bark
Olivier's White Vanilla Almond Bark
Olivier's Prem Asst Choc On Silver Tray
Oliviers Spiced Christmas Candy Mix
Olivier's Solid Chocolate Hearts
Olivier's Cinnamon Hearts
Olivier's Red/white/pink Candy Mix
Oliviers Chocolate Dipped Licorice
Olivier's Peanut Brittle
Olivier's Pink Candy Bones
Oliviers Bag Candy Master Pack
Olivier's Nut & Caramel Chocolates

P&H Milling Group-Alberta
Sunny Dawn Strong Bakers Flour
Sunny Dawn Whole Wheat Flour
Sunny Dawn First Clear Flour

Red Hat Co-Operative Limited
Assorted Bagged Pepper
Mini Cucumber
# 2 Cucumber
Pickling Cucumbers
Butter Lettuce
3 Pack Pepper
Red Pepper
Orange Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Tomato On The Vine
Grape Tomato
Cocktail Tomato
Roma Tomato
Beefsteak Tomato

Richardson Oilseed Ltd. Nutrition Division
Canola Harvest Pure Canola Oil

Rockport Flour Mills Inc.
Coyote Pancake Mix - Flax
Coyote Pancake Mix - Regular
Coyote Pancake Mix - Buttermilk

Rogers Sugar
1kg Icing Sugar
1kg Fine Granulated Sugar
10kg Fine Granulated Sugar
2kg Fine Granulated Sugar
4kg Fine Granulated Sugar
20kg Fine Granulated Sugar

Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd.
Rollover 2kg Beef Dog Food
Rollover 800g Beef Dog Food
Rollover 800g Lamb & Rice Dog Food
Rollover 800g Turkey Dog Food
Rollover 11" Super Chew 1pk
Priority 5.5" Super Chew 3pk
Priority Lamb Tenders 150g
Priority Pig Ears 6pk
Priority Small Beef Bone Stuffed
Priority Dino Bone

Royal Food Products
Pepperoni Cheese Bread Stick Cold
Pepperoni Cheese Bread Stick Hot
Gms Mini Chicken Pie
Gms Mini Beef Pie
Gms Chicken & Vegetable Pie
Gms Beefsteak & Vegetable Pie
Safeway Select Chicken Pot Pie

Saputo Dairy Products Canada G.P.
Safeway Evaporated Milk
Safeway Eavoprated Milk 2% Skim
500ml Milk To Go
Dairyland 4l Homo, 2%, 1% And Skim
Dairyland 2l Jugs, 2%, 1% And Skim
Dairyland 2l Organic

Select Ready Foods
Gms Burger Cooked Prime Rib Beef
Safeway Swedish Meatballs With Gravy
Gms Ginger Beef
Gms Sweet And Sour Boneless Pork
Gms Honey Garlic Pork Boneless
Gms Original Dry Boneless Style Ribs

Siljans Crispy Cup Co. Ltd.
Siljans Mini Croustades

Sofina Foods Inc.
Lilydale Daystarter Turkey Bacon
Lilydale Daystarter Sausage Turkey Maple
Lilydale Daystarter Sausage
Lilydale Daystarter Sausage Chicken
Lilydale Seasoned Sliced Turkey Breast
Lilydale Ckn Brst Stp Fully Ckd
Lilydale Turkey Breast Cooked Sliced
Lilydale Smoked Garlic Dark Turkey Roast
Lilydale Turkey Beer Sausage
Primo Taglio Smoked Pepper Turkey
Eating Right Roast Chicken
Eating Right Roast Turkey
Lilydale Kentucky Chicken
Eating Right Iqf Mediterranean Chicken Breast
Eating Right Iqf Honey Garlic Chicken Breast
Eating Right Iqf Cajun Chicken Breast

Something Special Deli Foods
Something Special Gourmet Antipasto
Something Special Gourmet Antipasto
Something Special Jalapeno
Something Special Gourmet Red Chili

Spolumbo's Fine Foods & Deli
Spolumbos Turkey Cranberry Sausage
Spolumbos Sausage Italian Spicy
Spolumbos Sausage Chicken Apple
Spolumbos Sausage Italian Mild
Spolumbos Sausage Ckn Sundried

SR Packaging Inc.
Safeway Nh Cream Cheese Icing
Safeway Nh Rtu Chocolate Icing
Sunny Dawn Bread Base Whole Wheat
Sunny Dawn Whole Grain Bread Base
Sunny Dawn Soft Roll Base
Sunny Dawn Mountain Grain Bread Mix
Sunny Dawn Pumpernickel Bread Base
Sunny Dawn Seven Grain Bread Base
Sunny Dawn Trans Reduced Choc Buttercr
Sunny Dawn Trans Reduced Buttercream
Sunny Dawn Bread Base White
Sunny Dawn Goodhaven Topping
Sunny Dawn Whole Grain Soft Roll Base
Sunny Dawn Twelve Grain Bread Base

Stawnichy's Meat Processing
Mundare Sausage

Sunfresh Farms Ltd.
Red Cabbage
Savoy Cabbage
Green Cabbage
Carrots Cello
Wrapped Cauliflower
Mini Cucumbers
Le Cucumbers
Green Onions
Dill Weed
10x3count Peppers
Red Hh Peppers
Orange Hh Peppers
Yellow Hh Peppers
Green Zucchini
Tomatoes On The Vine
Beefsteak Tomatoes

Sungold Specialty Meats Ltd.
Canadian Lamb Shortloin Chops
Canadian Lamb Frenched Rack Off
Canadian Lamb Leg Semi Bnls Shank Off

Sunny Boy Foods Ltd.
Sunny Boy Complete Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Sunny Boy Organic Whole Wheat Pancake & Waffle Mix
Sunny Boy Cereal - Original
Buttermilk Pancake Mix - Complete
Whole Wheat Pancake And Waffle Mix
All Purpose Flour - Organic
Whole Wheat Flour - Organic

Sunnyrose Cheese a Division of Agropur
Gouda Cheese - Peppercorn Deli Counter

Thomas Fresh Inc.
Russet Potatoes
Toms Tiny Taters Red
Yellow Potatoes
Red Potatoes

Troika Foods Ltd.
Cabbage Rolls Onion And Rice
Cabbage Rolls - Bacon And Rice
Cabbage Rolls- Beef And Rice

Trophy Foods Inc.
Almonds - Hickory Smoked
Almonds - Roasted Unsalted
Almonds Natural Sliced
Almonds Natural Whole
Almonds Roasted And Salted
Almonds Sliced Blanched
Almonds Slivered Blanched
Almonds Whole Blanched
Apricots (Turkish)
Banana Chips
Bbq Peanuts
Blueberry Trail Mix
Brazil Nuts - Natural
Butter Toffee Peanuts
Cashews - Hot And Spicy
Cashews - No Salt
Cashews - Salted
Cashews - Whole Jumbo Salted
Cashews & Macadamias
Coconut - Unswe. Medium
Coconut Fancy - Shredded
Cranberry Trail Mix
Dates - Pitted
Deluxe Mixed Nuts R&s
Deluxe Mixed Nuts Rns
Deluxe Treat Mix
Dry Roasted Peanuts
Goji Energy Mix
Honey Nut Mix
Honey Roasted Peanuts
Kettle Cooked Peanuts Salt/bl Pepper
Macadamias - R&s
Mango Slices
Maui Nut Mix
Mixed Nuts 60% Peanuts - Salted
Mixed Nuts 60% Peanuts - Unsalted
Munchie Mix
Natural Pistachios
Olympic Mix
Organic Banana Chips
Organic Cashews R&s
Organic Dry Rstd Almonds
Organic Nut Medley Supreme
Organic Pistachios R&s
Organic Raw Pecans
Organic Thompson Raisins
Organic Walnuts Halves & Pieces
Organic Whole Almonds
Papaya Chunks
Peanuts Bl R&s
Peanuts Bl Rns
Pecan Halves Raw Large
Pecan Pieces
Pine Nuts
Pineapple Tidbits/wedges
Pitted Prunes
Raisins - Golden
Raisins - Sultana
Raisins - Thompson
Sierra Mountain Trail Mix
Sweet & Salty Mixed Nuts
Trail Mix
Walnut Crumbs California
Walnut Pieces California
Yogurt Raisins

Wholesome Harvest Baking Ltd.
Villaggio Crustini 8
Villaggio Sausage 6
Demp Original Hot 12 Batch
Demp Original Ham 12 Batch
Demp Original Bagel 6
Demp Sesame Bagel 6
Demp Cinnamon Raisin Bagel 6
Demp Everything Bagel 6
Demp Blueberry Bagel 6
Demp Wg 12 Gr Bagel 6
Demp Wg Ww Bagel 6
Demp Thin Bagel Plain
Demp Thin Bagel Cin Raisin
Demp Thin Bagel Whole Wheat
Demp Smart 100% Wg Ww
Demp 10" Ancient Grain Tort.
Demp 10" Ww Tortilla
Villaggio White
Villaggio Sesame
Demp Sign. Sesame White
Demp Sign. 100% Ww
Demp Multi Grain 600g
Demp 12 Grain 600g
Demp Ancient Grains 600g
Demp Flax Bread 600g
Demp 7" Smart Tortilla
Demp Canadian Grains 600g
Demp European Rye
Demp 10" Pl Tortilla
Villaggio Ww
Demp Deluxe Ham 8
Demp Deluxe Sausage 6
Demp 7" Body Wise Tortilla
Demp Smart 16 570g
Mcgavin's 100% Ww 570g
Mcgavin's White 570g
Mcgavin's Multigrain
Demp White Brd
Demp 100% Ww 675g

Alberta Food Processors Association
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